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Better control by your smartphone

iGAL system is now equipped with VNC visualization which provides its users with constant control by smartphone or tablet.



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We offer electroplating tanks made of PP, PE, PVC and PVDF material. The type of material, sizes and fittings of the tanks are adjusted to clients requirements. Our tanks are supported by steel construction, protected by anti-corrosion coating and insulated in order to prevent heat loss while the process of heating in the bath.


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Depending on their function, the tanks are equipped with: high current contacts or non-current PE contacts, pick-up contacts, rinse nozzles, outlet valves, bus bars, heaters, temperature and level sensors, systems of bath mixing, etc.


Apart from the tanks in both automatic and manual line systems, we offer tanks which have application in wastewater treatment and many other installations that meet our clients requirements. 


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