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Better control by your smartphone

iGAL system is now equipped with VNC visualization which provides its users with constant control by smartphone or tablet.



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  • 3 2 igal menuVisualization on colour touchscreen panel, giving the full picture of the line and process course. The main screen presents lines, transporters and other devices (rectifiers, heating, pumps, etc.).
  • Stations: batch, recipe, specified/actual time, drip time, options of load processing, rectifier’s current set-point, heating parameters, etc.
  • Transporters: current transporters position, work mode, load condition, sensors and actuators status
  • Heating: set-point/ actual temperature, work mode’s selection, manual control mode, automatic date/hour activation set-point, diagrams with course of temperature over time.
  • Rectifiers: remote / actual current, work mode’s selection, manual and automatic control mode, Ah counters, diagrams with course of temperature over time.
  • Dispensers: counter setting (Ah counter’s or the surface) and dose setting (specified in [s] or [ml] when the counter’s set value is exceeded, work mode’s selection, manual and automatic control mode.
  • Logging system: user login and control of the access to various functions of the programme. Each of the users has the access to selected functions.
  • Alarm system: monitoring the correct work of all line’s devices. In case of failure there is an error message shown on the screen together with the time and date of the registered damage. Alarm history allows to scan the list of confirmed failures.
  • ekran glownyRecipe system to define the batch processing parameters: product’s name, additional information, specified process times, current density for particular stations, product’s surface, determined quantity of details on the batch, maximum quantity, additional batch options (slow lifting, slow lowering, multiple rinsing etc.).
  • Technological programmes' edicor enabling the authorized users to edit and create new process courses ( with possibility to set priorities, lockouts etc. for particular stations).
  • Service mode with the access to advanced line’s parameters available to authorized users only.
  • VNC Visualization: through WiFi on any computer in company’s network or on tablet/ smartphone. In addition to panel line operating there is also possibility to display the operate interface on any network device in order to visualize or change settings by authorized users only.




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