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Better control by your smartphone

iGAL system is now equipped with VNC visualization which provides its users with constant control by smartphone or tablet.



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  • A new approach to transporters control. The possibility of simultaneous product processing of various technological programmes (process course) and recipes (times of processes, currents, additional options). In contrast to the traditional way of controlling, there is full option of changing the transporters working mode and restarting the automatic operation at any time.
  • Optimized trajectory of manipulator movements, which enables the maximum use of the tanks. The transporters carry the batches according to the sequence assigned to the specific process, its priority, and then the bath condition.
  • Possibility to change the technological parameters during the work in automatic mode (time for process tanks, bath temperature, drip time, the parameters of transporter movements, etc.).
  • The lock of particular process tanks and the possibility to choose the option of batch processing.
  • Alarm system controlling the correct work of all elements and preventing the negative consequences of emergency situations.
  • Statistic functions (e.g. load meters, surface meters, ampere-hour counting, chemical additives usage, drive working hours etc.)
  • Savings on electrical energy through controlling the bath heating due to weekly schedule defined by the user and by keeping the minimum bath temperature while the line is stopped.
  • Savings on electrical energy due to application of high-frequency, digitally-controlled and highly efficient rectifiers.
  • Possibility of implementing any kind of communication protocol in order to cooperate with third-party devices (rectifiers, scales, displays, label printers).
  • Communication with other control systems and data exchange through the Ethernet.
  • Remote access through the Internet to controllers’ visualization, diagnostics, data reports. Due to the remote access function line servicing time is reduced to a minimum.
  • Advanced diagnostics of PLC controller through website. The user has not only the access to information about software and hardware from any location worldwide but can also use ready diagnostic applets which can be easily integrated with the application.
    All functions necessary for line monitoring can be activated from any PC computer without installing any additional software. While servicing, it is possible to offload the data from the controller and save it to a file simply with a mouse click. In more difficult cases, this allows for an offline data analysis in next steps of technical support.

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