We offer the realization of complete plating wastewater treatment, modernization and delivery of the tanks and devices such as:

  • storage and process tanks,
  • batch meters,
  • dosing devices,
  • agitators,
  • filter press,
  • sludge dewatering equipment,
  • pumps,
  • pipework system, plumbing fittings,
  • liquid level sensors,
  • pH / Redox measurement, 
  • automation components.



Control system for wastewater treatment can be operated in automatic and manual mode by operating touchscreen panel.

Major wastewater control system’s functions:

  • manual and automatic devices’ operation (pumps, dispensers, etc.),
  • wastewater treatment operation in automatic mode,
  • sensors monitoring,
  • pH / Redox measurement,
  • light and sound signals (e.g. alarms, reaction ending, etc.),
  • proper device functioning control – detection and response to any emergencies (process stop, alarm message, sound system),
  • service settings (available after the password has been entered),
  • devices parameters settings, level sensors and chemical values meters calibration, time and pH level settings for all individual reaction stages, etc.,
  • communication between wastewater control system and electroplating line control system,
  • archiving and reporting process variables.