linie galwaniczne

The electroplating line together with proper equipment and control system is the key element to achieve efficiency and high-quality in the product finishing process.

We offer realization of rack or drum plating lines adjusted to the user’s requirements and technology of the process. Through our long-term experience in electroplating industry we have developed the most effective solutions.

The most of our projects are created for automatic lines which are characterized by the application of modern hardware and innovative software. We offer complex services related to design, realization and assembly of the product.


  • Transport system consisting of trajectory and transporters carrying the batches between each of the process tanks and rinse tanks. We prefer realization of the gate type transporters.
    Steel construction is protected by chemical-resistant paint coating. The transporters are equipped with modern drives providing smooth movement and precise positioning. Our network solutions lead to the reduction of wiring and advanced diagnostics functions. Each of the transporters has control pendant, safety components and sensors detecting the batches on  processing stations.
  • Loading / unloading station needs to be designed according to line’s type, dimensions and production’s specificity in order to fulfill its function and provide safe and ergonomic service. We usually offer loading stations which consist of a trolley with auto-locking mechanism in transporters' loading and unloading positions. The staff has the access to an operating panel in the loading station zone. The operating panel consists of: batch returning button, batch position signaling/alarm, recipes setting, drum rotation button, emergency switch.
  • Service platform, located along the electroplating line, designed for technical tank maintenance. Steel construction is protected by chemical-resistant paint coating. The platform is lined with anti-slip grates made of highly chemical-resistant material.
  • Electroplating tanks made of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF material. Our tanks are supported inside by steel construction (protected by anti-corrosion coating). They are also insulated in order to prevent heat loss while the process of heating in the bath. Depending on their function, tanks are equipped with: high current contacts or non-current PE contacts, pick-up contacts, rinse nozzles, outlet valves, busbars, heaters, temperature and level sensors, systems of bath mixing, etc.
  • In-line rack dryers. Drying is the final step in rack electroplating lines processing. We offer in-line dryers which allow to automate the process completely and to obtain dried product surface when the electroplating process is finished. They are of an open top box type used to set parts/racks in from the top.
  • Peripherals: filters, pumps, immersion heaters, bath cooling, dosing pumps, bath mixing, etc. Relying on long-standing experience, we only offer devices from renowned and reliable producers. Except for the price, high durability and reliability of the devices is also very important.
  • Rectifiers are one of the basic parts of the equipment for every tank with electrochemical processes. We realize how important is the current control on bath while batch processing. We introduced many systems equipped with rectifiers of various producers and on the base of these experiences we have acquired great knowledge of devices selection and their quality. We therefore can integrate the rectifiers from various producers with our control system by the usage of communication interfaces.
  • Ventilation system of a plating line. We offer a complete realization of exhaust ventilation system with the possibility to control and to regulate the fan efficiency in accordance with the current load of the plating line.